The Inaccurate Predictions of Wilka Wilson, Poem (73/365)

That old fortune teller

She lied you to you

she told you that if you didn’t

find yourself by 25

You would be lost forever

She tells everyone the same thing

I don’t know why you believed her

I don’t know why most people believe her

I don’t know why I believed her either

But somehow

I’m out of the trance

People who you pay 5 dollars to

should not be trusted

And here you are  pacing

back and forth frantically

because you still

have not figured out who

you want to be at 26

still doubting

and you say Madame Willow was right

Lost forever

but I can tell you

that is just one more

of the inaccurate predictions

of Wilka Wilson

also known as Madame Willow

Who happens to be

one tangerine short of fruit basket

“Lost Forever!” you cry

Wilka drives lemon

and you think for a psychic

She be at least able to

follow directions

But she is lost forever

on the 405

You moan why why why

I Ask why do

you believe people

who use snow globes

as alternatives to crystal balls

She didn’t see your future

She saw dodger stadium

covered in snow

26 things should have come together at 25

you cry

oh why

Why is it that life

should come together perfectly

it’s messy

ask  Wilka who works kid parties

if this was how she envisioned her life

Lost Forever

But I think you like it

you like playing the victim

You like  all

the inaccurate predictions

of Wilka Wilson

Because you never have to try

and when people ask

why you never believed in yourself

tell them the truth

that you where so scared to do anything

they grasped the first negative theory you could

And I predict

if you try

if you really go out there

You will find yourself

Forever Succeeding







The Secret of Dreaming Rational, Poem (72/365)

Can I tell you a secret

I think some how

I stopped dreaming

And I became a realist

because suddenly

In dream land

vivd landscapes

turned into grey

I’m  balancing check books

and doing taxes

And I no longer dream

of being discovered

but more building

a house one brick at a time

And I woke up

and somebody asked

me what I do with a million dollars

I said I would by house

and I if I had enough money maybe

a new —

And I caught myself

Jesus I caught myself

Being Rational to a Hypothetical Question

with no limits

And Yet I put limits

If the world was yours?

If the world was yours?

I would stay home


I have always been a dreamer

I have always reached

I have always had goals

bigger, and fatter then most

but that statement was simple

dreaming simple

And I thought

I need to stop

Dreams aren’t

like grade school drawings

you’re meant to color outside the lines

If you don’t reach for bigger

No doubt you’ll always get smaller

And if you stop dreaming


real crazy

Going on tour

Fishing in Hawaii

Sailing, Hunting

space trips to the moon

Type of dreams

if you deny  yourself those

Your heart won’t race

and you’ll stop going

You’ll stop hunting

And you’ll stop imagining

And you’ll become scared

of change

And fear will become you

Because as a realist

You’ll be waiting

for bad things to happen

So Dream

Big Beautiful Dreams





Rich But Broke, Poem (70/365)

I wrote this poem because I was inspired by the quote: “There are people so poor, that the only thing they have is money”.  And I was thinking about what that would look like, to be so wealthy but lack everything else like friends, love, and happiness. So the poem is another attempt at a character poem:


We are so Poor

beyond poverty

because we no longer love

we no longer listen

we use labels

as bandaids

we won’t acknowledge

we’re broken

Instead I say your headstrong

And you call me a brat

You’re worried over money

But we’re so poor

Poor because we

no longer communicate

below the poverty line

without love

there is no soup kitchen

or government aid

to solve this

I locked myself in the bathroom

to keep from crying

You never acknowledged it

For a mansion it sure feels roofless

Because it always seems to

be raining

We’re poor alright

Poor on everything that matters

And as much as I try

It hurts too much

It hurts too much

to try and love you

to pretend we mean more

then these things

but all I want is your attention

Money isn’t all

that determines who lives

below the poverty line

I am sorry I’m broke

And can’t afford to

hug you

Account Empty

Brainstorming Your Question, Answer Poem (69/365)

So what are you up to now?

I don’t know

I make stuff

all day


I fix things


I do IT

I run

I eat

I sleep

I dream

I read

I breath

But currently consistency

is not something I have

My Mom says

I should make a schedule

And I agree

I should make a schedule

Your looking for a schedule

When you asked

what are your up to now?

What a normal day

looks like for  me

and so many times

I have tried to figure out

the perfect way to say it

but my ego

sometimes controls my tongue

and I swear I’m not trying

to be vague

or mysterious

or sound like I don’t

want to talk to you

But when you asked

I should have said

I’m trying to figure out life

planning some way

to get to A to Z

when the alphabet

is all screwed up

And U’s look like C’s

And I know in your head

the alphabet is 26 letters

but in mine

it’s  unknown number

of secret levels

and you don’t need all of them to succeed

and if you must know

I’m scheduling for the future

And I don’t know

if you have ever seen

a brainstorm session happen before

but it’s messy

and thoughts are everywhere

Life is everywhere

circles of hobbies

circles of friends

circles of work

stems of connection

stems of cross over

stems of interconnection

Bubbles of possibility

but I swear

when it all comes together

You won’t have to ask what I’m doing

because You Will Know

Oh Yes

You Will Know

Dating Tip from NSA, Poem (66/365)


I wonder if the NSA

ever goes on dating sites

and becomes the 3rd wheel

reads his emails

to SexyBobCat545

And sees all the girls

he winked at

and sent cute little emoticons

And if the NSA just sees

the writing on the walls

This girl is too clingy

That one is an emotional tornado

Jesus she is two stirs from scrambled

I wonder if they watch him

like a soap opera and look at the

other people he been connecting to

I wonder if they squirm

every time

he tells a bold face lie

like he’s 5 foot 5

Claiming to 6 foot 9



I wonder if after a while

they start compiling a list

of hypothetical dating tips

from the NSA


be yourself

Like in all those emails

to your grandma


please stop

posting these picks with you frowning

Your so beautiful when you smile

I say for your profile pic

You should use

That one of you on the bahamas


that you send your

ex last december before you broke up

Well I’m not sure you broke up

But all the data is inferred


in ALL CAPS!!!!


your bio

needs a major over haul

Your more sensitive then

you let on

I see how much time you spend

a day

watching those sappy

youtube videos

And I know your

screen savers is cute little kittens

I know your dream

is to never stop traveling

And from all the recipes you

get from your sister

I suspect you’re not as

bad a cook as you claim

to be

So please spice your bio


If she doesn’t seem that into you

Please stop texting her

Trust me I read some of her other

Texts to other boys

and if she  wanted you

She would let you know


Send more flowers



I wonder if the NSA

ever falls for someone

they are  listening to

because we

as humans

we barley listen to

each other

and  when we finally do

we discover humanity

And Humanity is Sexy

And I wonder

If she ever longs to see him

to hold him

to hug

to be the other person

on the line

instead of a passive observer

and If it crushes her

every date

he schedules in his iCal

and she thinks to herself

That girl is wrong for him

I – I – I could

well I might not be

But who ever is the one

I will be listening for her

with all my Love

the NSA







Coders in Love, Poem (65/365)

Two Computer Engineers

Fell in Love

Franklin and Rosie

It happened in a chat room

While discussing

why Linux is far superior

Franklin in LA

Rosie in NY

and they both typed

till  the morning light


Franklin wrote Rosie

Love Notes

Made out of Binary Code

And those were passionate

X-rated 0’s and 1’s

And they moved in together

On a digital world

There Avatars shared many moments

But as time grew

and the world changed

So did the coders

They no longer spoke the same

Rosie in C++

And Franklin in HTML

Rosie was on to make

Apps in Abu Dubai

And Frank was already in Silicon Valley

And as much as they tried to make it work

Rosie knew as much as she wanted to

Computers can’t touch you

She asked him to come away with her

But he thought she was joking

He  dryly replied LOL

So she left

She signed out

His Avatar sat alone

in this digital world

And Franklin heart broken

Sat down and designed

A beautiful website

for a small start-up

saddened he wrote

his feelings in  excesses code

hidden as a forgotten

love note

Only open to those

brave enough to check

The Source Code

And the Start up grew

And grew and grew

And even though the end users

Didn’t know

they felt on the website that

every page was filled with love

and they were right

each page secretly

told the coders story

And one day Rosie

all the way in Abu Dubai

She was reading the

code source

of this website

and realized that

she was wrong

very wrong

Technology Can Indeed

Transcend Love

When it’s done right


And they all lived happily

Ever After




What Are You Feeding Your Soul, Poem (64/365)

What are you

feeding your soul,

if you feed it at all

What does it live on

because it will be

what ever you fill it with

If you stave it

If your soul is grumbling

With hungry pains

You devour anything

and everything

to become satisfied

and end up stuffing

your soul with trash

because you’re

reaching for what is

quick and easy

and you were desperate

not caring by what means

You need love

but you settle for

cat calls

You need to believe in yourself

but settle

for the belief in Hank

the new guy you met at the drug store

You need people

but settle

for robots

You will become


and you will never

fully flourish

Because you can’t

be strong

without  veggies

and  water

and  protein

You can’t live on sugar alone

or you will crash

you need substance

What are you feeding your soul

You feed your car better

Then your being

At some point

You will no longer be able

to hold it down

Your soul will Vomit

every false ideology and


it ate in the rush

but don’t stop it

let it out

And when it stops

start slowly

feeding your soul

bits of truth

bits of confidence

bits of love

and you will evolve from


to soup

to salad

to solids

And all ask

is when you fully recover

that every time

You pick up book

Or read a poem

Or talk to yourself

Or listen to a song

Or watch a movie

Or go out on a new adventure

Ask yourself

what type of food

is this

for your soul