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3 comments on “Contact Me

  1. Benita says:

    Lexie! Happy to see you creating. Your clay figures and poems / stories should be a children’s book. I’d love to read Ms. Myah-Papaya a story you wrote and illustrated with (for example) a fruit and vegetable cast of characters…. maybe at the end, they are the ingredients of some kid-friendly, delicious recipe she’d want to make with me– her granny : ). Love you! – Be

  2. trinarealness says:

    I really enjoyed your poem I’m also a poet. I’ve just completed my first book entitled A Sister, A Poet, A Spiritual Spoken word it will be out May 20014. Barnes and Nobles. I would like to continue read more of your poems. I’m a new follower on word press and I don’t have any followers so I’m hoping you will be my first. This will also give me a chance to follow up in the poetry community. Keep them coming! : )

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