Dreams of hello, poem(364/365)

I sleep
With the thought
Of you
And the next time
We meet
That I’ll be
Rainbows, unicorns
And magical starships
You Gasping for air
Incoherent sentence structure
Struggling to say hello
But smile spills out
All I need to know
And we just go from there
Story book fairy tales beware


Weakness, poem (360/365)

I feel weak
But that is not
What I am
I stopped premature
Whinnying that
My legs could no longer
That my brain could no longer
That my soul could no longer
Continue in such a manner
Blatantly lies
For I had before continued
Greatness requires
No quitting
No stopping
No yielding
To doubts
But persistent faith
That if I thought I could
I can
And will
Belief rewake
That I am not weak
Anchoring might
Watering persistence
Harvesting strength
Yanking out weeds
Of inconstancy
I woke up early
I’m not weak
Greatness lives inside me
Remember remember
Failures make winners

Water bottles, poem (359/365)

I was never that thirsty
I asked you for water
To touch your attention
So that we could meet
Unable to explain
That I weep
Just the same
Because I hear you
From the street
But waves of shame
And insecurity stop me
From showing my flaws
Because damaged goods
Aren’t good at all
Or at least that’s the image
way to unopened
Way to unlovable
Way to unhuggable
To be accepted
Every ones got scars
But we all just cover it up
I have been slammed
Before by drunks
For sipping at communion
So my shields
Know better then just
Letting you in
When you’re so unknown
I hoped to resurrect
Some part of youth
When we fell
But were unafriad
I was never that thirsty
I asked you for water
In hopes of inacting
Some silent prayer
That you would be
My friend forever
And hold me
In an ocean
That I don’t know
How to swim

Wrong ingredients, poem (357/365)

Call it religion
Call it belief
Call it ethics
As much as
I wanted to dissolve
In the man
Like sugar
Going into water
I just couldn’t
I couldn’t dissect
Pieces of my soul
Snatching out
All of the controversial
Leaving myself
In pieces
And trusting
This man
No, This boy
To make me
Stir all you want
But somethings
Are insoluble
And I
will never
No matter
How cute
His eyelids
Call it giving up
Call it breaking up
Call it splitting up
But I can’t stay
When I know
This won’t sit well
And sure you look good
But I just have
To look further
Then just
What’s in the neighborhood

Delayed escapades, poem (356/365)

He promised to runaway
When the money
Got good
When the obligations
Had stopped
And the fear
Had left
He promised
Just like he had before
Dead set
On making good
He promised
To arise
When the moons
And the river
Held its tide
And the sand
Stayed put
Never realizing
That no one ever
has it
That good
Maybe he couldn’t
But he definitely
Could increase
His chances
If he did more
Then just stay put
One step
Edging closer
Getting shorter
Grasping goals
Without proper