Can’t Stop Talking About It

I have a new short film in the works! So excited! And I kinda of have been like this:

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Don’t Save Anything For The Swim Back (But Please Don’t Drown)


We all want things. Some things are easier to achieve than other things. Like getting an Ice Cream Cone, that can be achieved and done without any real struggle. (except maybe if there is a milk shortage, or ice cream gets banished from the world, or your allergic)

But then there are goals that are much meatier like getting the career you want. At some points things will look impossible but you have to press forward for everything is possible if you try. In the words of Samuel Goldwyn about  impossibility “I’m Possible.” The work might get intense, it might make you freak, it might make you think about an easier path one in which you just sleep, eat, and play tetris. But don’t do it because we were made for more. And even if you don’t believe that, so many people die and  other people just talk about all the things that person could have done given the chance, if they had done X, Y, and Z.  Most people believe they are going to fail before they even push on.

What do you have to lose if you give it everything you got ?

Live life with no regrets, even if you never made it to your goal, I think you could live happy knowing that you gave it your all.

Gattaca, the sci-fi movie, made it’s point with this idea when the normal guy faces off against his genetically superior brother in a swimming race and wins. The genetically modified brother asks why the average brother won, and is told because   “I never saved anything for the swim back.”

Who would you be if you never saved anything for the swim back? I was reminded this week that I am stronger than I think. That is why I am pushing on with Senior Year.  No easy classes, no light load, I am living my dream and I will continue to go hard.

A poster similar to this is posted over my bed to remind me:


May you never save anything for the swim back,