Delayed escapades, poem (356/365)

He promised to runaway
When the money
Got good
When the obligations
Had stopped
And the fear
Had left
He promised
Just like he had before
Dead set
On making good
He promised
To arise
When the moons
And the river
Held its tide
And the sand
Stayed put
Never realizing
That no one ever
has it
That good
Maybe he couldn’t
But he definitely
Could increase
His chances
If he did more
Then just stay put
One step
Edging closer
Getting shorter
Grasping goals
Without proper


Rush Hour Kind of Love, A Character Poem(268/365)

Dear Sunsets
After work
You make me smile
I never know
how you’ll dress
but I always noticed
the details
Magenta, or Orange,
Or that new shade
of Blue
Please keep doing
what you’re doing
Because frankly
it works for you
And no matter
how bad my day
was I can’t
get upset looking
at you
You make wonder possible
You make me feel better
You make me optimistic
because you can’t look
at something so beautiful
gorgeous, exquisite
and not think that
God is moving
in my direction
And no matter how
busy I get
You always hold
my attention
I just want to say
Please keep doing
what your doing
Because frankly
it works for you
A guy perpetually stuck
on the 405
During rush hour

The optimistic family, poem (138/365)

If two optimist
Created a family
Would positivity
Be buried in blood stream
Would future generations
Have only happy intentions
Would the children grow
Into adults who look only
For magical rainbows
Pep in their step
With no fear of today,
Or tomorrow
Just positive vibes
And thoughts of everyday possibilities
Ending with blessing
Great grand children
Who exude joy
Smiling and praising
The gift of life itself
If two optimist
Create a family
Will HOPE be hereditary
I believe so
Because I’m optimistic
I tell him
I just know

The Tour Guide that Survives, Poem (102/365)


She uses a compass

she would use the stars

if she had to

and even if the stars dare not shine

she would be fine in the woods

for she knows how to live

for days at a time

Eating fruits from the cactus

Creating habitats from nothing

She is the tour guide

I always wanted to be

ready for anything

If I was tour guide

I probably wouldn’t be her

I don’t understand a compass

And while I know my  end  destination

a lot like life

I’m unsure of how to get there

The stars no matter

how beautiful and breathtaking they are

Are no help in getting me home

And I pace up and down

How many times I wished to be her

The tour guide with all the answers

The tour guide with no surprises

The tour guide that’s always on point

But it’s sad to think

She will never be Lost

She will never feel the exhilaration

of not being in control

She will never be shocked

to discover the beauty of

unmarked trail

There will be no innovation

And while I can’t

Look at stars,

And know fruits are good

Or all the facts of a Sequoia Tree

if I was  left in the woods

without a phone, without a map

I without doubt would  Survive 

Because I trust my gut

Because I’m a fighter

Because I’m the Tour Guide that Survives

Even when she’s unprepared for

the unexpected trail

that resides ahead

I am a compass








The People Who Improvise, poem (88/365)


There are people I know
who take rocks
and make them into saunas
There are people I know
Who take dirt
And make it into mansions
There are people I know
Who take rice and beans
And make it into lobster
There are people I know
Who take cash
And turn it into poison
There are people I know
Who take love
And turn it into dumpsters
There are people I know
Who take diamonds
And turn them into coal
Scientifically impossible
I’m told
But I have seen it
I have seen people
Who had everything
complain that they had nothing
And I have seen people
With nothing
Be joyful about everything
Jesus took water
And turned into wine
You whine about
Having to much water
Darn you
you don’t even
Know how blessed you are
But you cannot
Be blamed
You were instructed
You could only
Do the job with the right tools
We improvise
Because I know people
Who take no’s
And turn them into miracles

Thankful for the Boo-boo’s, Poem (85/365)


sometimes reveals

it self masked in


sometime failing

does more more


creates better habits

builds stronger hearts

causes hungry souls



looks a lot like


But be assured years from


you’ll be thankful

for the boo-boo’s

Brainstorming Your Question, Answer Poem (69/365)

So what are you up to now?

I don’t know

I make stuff

all day


I fix things


I do IT

I run

I eat

I sleep

I dream

I read

I breath

But currently consistency

is not something I have

My Mom says

I should make a schedule

And I agree

I should make a schedule

Your looking for a schedule

When you asked

what are your up to now?

What a normal day

looks like for  me

and so many times

I have tried to figure out

the perfect way to say it

but my ego

sometimes controls my tongue

and I swear I’m not trying

to be vague

or mysterious

or sound like I don’t

want to talk to you

But when you asked

I should have said

I’m trying to figure out life

planning some way

to get to A to Z

when the alphabet

is all screwed up

And U’s look like C’s

And I know in your head

the alphabet is 26 letters

but in mine

it’s  unknown number

of secret levels

and you don’t need all of them to succeed

and if you must know

I’m scheduling for the future

And I don’t know

if you have ever seen

a brainstorm session happen before

but it’s messy

and thoughts are everywhere

Life is everywhere

circles of hobbies

circles of friends

circles of work

stems of connection

stems of cross over

stems of interconnection

Bubbles of possibility

but I swear

when it all comes together

You won’t have to ask what I’m doing

because You Will Know

Oh Yes

You Will Know