Songwriting, poem (254/365)

Read a book
Write a hook
Hum a chord
Then create
Again and again
Till you create
And so
Thought provoking
That you can’t imagine
How it first came from
Your lips
With only explanation
Being divine intervention
Because how else
Would all those words
Work together


Trusting Waters, poem (253/365)

Dip your toe
And hug him
Go a little deeper
Tell him a secret
Paddle out far out
Till you really need him
Trust your instincts
You’re a great swimmer
You won’t drown
Just go slow and steady
And if you see a shark around
Get out

Bugs came back, poem (251/365)

I hate these bugs
Springing up like horror film
Just when you
Think there dead it
Was never that easy
But the most annoying
Painstaking, sad part
About both things is
All energy it took
Running away
Hiding in small
And uncomfortable
Places to avoid them
Wasting perfectly good
Supplies buying stuff
And not having it work
To kill flies or bad guys
Tears on my ant posion
Pissed and screaming
About it
Hope that they
Leave and never
Come back
That it does so
Bad no one wants
A sequel
No straight to DVD
Just that fly away
Leaving me
In peace

With That Click, Poem (248/365)

And with that click
I release you
Lifting my soul high
As I no longer
have to struggle
With thoughts unsaid
With what-ifs
With stories to tell
Of pain and anguish
Only Love
I’d Scream
I’m sorry to the hills
If I thought that would help
But sometimes when you learn
It’s easy to burn
those around you
Young and eager
But not too bright
on what is good
or true or fair
So it won’t haunt me
Like it would want me
I am fully unglued
I just can’t keep
that much data on
my computer anymore
so as it asks me
To delete
I click yes
The sweet joy of
releasing techno trash
And with that click
I release you
Files of the past