Running Again

Sorry it’s been a while from my last post ! Currently backing in Cali. I have started running again. And man I forgotten what it feels like, breathing loud, sweating, tight chest, pain, panting. Feeling invincible after!  That runners high.  That notion that my legs can get me any where. Okay well, the first few weeks are more painful, and much less polished. But you need to start some place. But this Nike AD sums up my feelings:

Here are my thought on running, after you run for a while. It becomes less painful and more meditative.

Running In The City  (My Thought Processes):

Running in the city is amazing. There are secret spots in the city that you can only discover when running it. Nature seems to be in full force when it’s all that keeps you motivated.  Breath becomes a beat. A person must focus on form to be a great runner, not just an occasional runner. Breathe. Stand straight. Pasta arms. Breathe. Don’t land on heels. Don’t push off on heels. Breathe. Use the mid-foot. More power that way.  Heels will only make it harder, and more work. Work with gravity not against it. Breathe. Nod to the fellow runner. Keep going. Light red. Stop, but keep feet moving. Breathe. Debate, to make eye or not eye contact with the pedestrian staring. Breathe. Shuffle feet. Breathe. Debating stopping or not. Breathe. Green light. Go. Mid-foot. Mid-foot. Mid-foot. Breathe. Loosen up shoulders. Shoulders loosened? Yes. Breathe. Stopping when I reach the tree. Mid-foot.  Tree. Stop when I get to 42 Street. Spaghetti arms. Light blinking. Can make it? Yes, sprint. Made it. 42 Street. Keep going. Breathe. Cute restaurant. Mental Note.  Breathe.  Are my keys and credit card still in my pants? Yes. Mid- Foot. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Central Park. Let’s stop. Mid- foot. Breathe. Walk. Water. Subway.

Going for a run,