Overlooked miracles, poem (316/365)

They didn’t listen
Too consumed
With themselves
They overlooked
Gold and miracles
Listen, listen, listen


How much, poem(315/365)

It scared me
How much I
Wanted it
How much I
danced around
How much I
Starred into space
Just thinking
It almost came
And I questioned
How much
Of it
Was really worth it
And I started to
Think what
Of the world
And my impact
In it
And I stoped
And I stoped
And I paused
My hands and
My thoughts
How much do
I Thank
For everything

The enormous fortune, poem (314/365)

She valued herself
And estimated
She wasn’t worth much
Looking in the mirror
She began to deduct
From her lips
To her hips
Everything thing
Seemed just not
good enough
She appraised her
Soul and because
She didn’t see it
She assumed
No one needed it
Her brains
She compared
With fact she lacked
Be it not playing panio
Or Latin or Spanish
Or algebraic mathematics
But she undersold herself
Her numbers were far
Below price
As she forgot
To increase value
Of being one of a kind
Her body
And personality
She was a collectible
All her flaws just
Drove up the price
With scars that showed
And wrinkles that
Revealed the rich beauty
And that brain
Was prime real estate
To house something great
Just ready to mined
Her soul was priceless
She sold herself for less
But she was worth more
Then gold
She valued people higher
Then she saw herself
She heard murmurs
That she was worth more
Then just double
That she was worth more
Then she thought she deserved
That she was worth more
Then she appraised
At first she didn’t believe
But then she looked again
Carefully staring in the mirror
She gasped
At the enormous
Fortune before her

Hearty unreal words, poem (312/365)

Forgetting real words
Because as a poet
Sometimes we create
to emote with flow
But it’s been spilling over
And I started using words like
Ununderstanding but
My people follow
Or people with the same
Brain water
Perhaps understand
When you stop remembering
Words that struggle with pizazz
Because your looking
For new shiny words
Because “I’m good” just
Doesn’t shine a duck
When people ask
“How your day was?”
If you really want to
Know well
Vividly it was
It was
I can’t promise
To define it
But I knew I was alive
When I synthesized it
And it’s fun on the tounge
And as long you understand
The effort it’s all good
And even baby babble
Has heart to it