Lights out, poem (224/365)

Numbers floating
In black space
Clean crisp
I look at the time
As far away as I am
It’s comforting
It’s silent
It’s time
It’s ten forty three pm


Crawl Back at Night, poem (221/365)

We where so young
So sleepy
So crazy
I remember walking you
To make sure you
Made it home
Crawling to my place
Collapsing on mattress
Made of stones
Texting with one good eye
For signs of life
While the other
Ventured to dream land
I remember limp arms
Reaching for pain staking alarms
I remember wanting sleep
But I remember needing morning
And being blessed
To reenact days
Life like this
Over and over again
Hard work
But yet just so blessed

This dance, awkward poem (217/365)

We keep doing
This weird dance
Partly because
I have done
This so I know
Not to party
Too hard on
The first song
Or you’ll want to
Sit the rest out
But I can tell
We both
Have been burned
And over extended
Before at
Different dances
But I know
We can’t
Two step forever
You start
To groove
And stop
I look at you
And know we
Have the same
So let’s put
On our boogie shoes
And try to function
If we both have
Left feet
can we succeed
Making faults
I’ll take the lead
In this messed up
Where you like me
And I like you
But where both to
Scared to share
To embarrassed
To be open
And to guilty
To apologetic
For saying truth
For shaking butts
For caring too much
But if you follow
I’ll try to lead
If we fail
At least
Will have one
Good dance