London: Arts, Theatre, and Mayonnaise

The BBC is a magical place. When I say “magical“, I don’t mean pink purple unicorns magical, I mean coffee machines that disperse sweet hot chocolate magical . It’s amazing. We went on a tour of the studio, which was really quite cool.  Can’t wait til my attachment on a show begins.

I have to take a class called Arts and Theatre in London. So far for that class we have seen 3 plays. We saw much to Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe. Seeing it at the globe reminded me, of when you go to a huge concert and enjoy it so much more because of the people your with. The reactions of the crowd, seemed to also manipulate my emotions. I loved the play.

If you know me or at least have read my blog you will know that I LOVE KETCHUP. But here in london, mayonnaise seems to be top dog, master of sauces, the big dipper. You can get mayonnaise with your chips, burgers, and sandwich. Mayonnaise is only second to air. I asked for ketchup in a restaurant, when the guy gave me mayonnaise and he gave me a weird look and said ” You americans love your ketchup”. And I smiled and said yes I do. 🙂

A Wall-O-Mayo

But London is lots of fun so many things to do.

The STRANGERS here are the best.

I know when your little your parents tell you never to speak to strangers, because as kid you can’t judge good people from bad people who just want to kidnap you and force feed you mayonnaise .  As an adult you need to, to talk to strangers, to make your world feel a little closer, and you more connected. And everyone has a different story to tell.

The other day I was eating in this indian restaurant and the girl across from me sneezed and I said ‘bless you’ and then we got in to this whole conversation.

So do talk to strangers, but not all people are good, so if your not a good judge of character don’t then or else you might find out that the stranger spent your whole life savings on mayonnaise. And that mate would be awful. That has not or will never happen to me.

Virtual Hugs From London,



Ello From Across the Pond


First Week in London. Sounds so surreal, so I have a lot to catch you up on. I took a ten hour flight, not

Loving London - took this while I was on the London Bridge

as bad as you would think. When I landed in London I had a Taxi Driver named Nunzio, A tall italian/english man. He told me his favorite film was taxi driver, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing he was driving me. But over all he was a really nice guy, in spite of the odd comment or two when he would point out call girls, and drug dealers on the street (But am I really surprised when his favorite movie is Taxi Driver). No Joke THIS IS MY LIFE.

They Have One of These 🙂

So first day in London, and even though I was really super duper jet lagged I had to explore. I mean I have never been out of the country before. But I was so surprise to find all these american food chains.

Even Though it's Here I'm not going to eat it, I'm in London 🙂

Then I moved into my dorm, visited more of london. The weather is gorgeous, and the rain does not bug me as much as I thought I would. Aside from the first night when I had a awful smoothie followed by an awful burrito (Lord help me when the rice is hard, and taste like cardboard). The food has been pretty good, alright at least. And No, I have not been eating the fast food.

I went on a free tour of london with my school. Which was really cool. Except that our tour guide was spitting blood while he talked, it looked like he just nicked him self with a razor till I realized that more blood had fallen on his chin from his mouth. I hope he is okay. And then we got stuck into to traffic on the London Bridge, so even though there was still two more hours of are tour . And He was all like “I think everyone should get out of the tour bus and take the tube, because were stuck in traffic.” He even jumped off the bus with us.

But all craziness aside, I am really digging london the people are so nice and friendly.

Sending you Lot’s of love from the other side of the pond,