Coders in Love, Poem (65/365)

Two Computer Engineers

Fell in Love

Franklin and Rosie

It happened in a chat room

While discussing

why Linux is far superior

Franklin in LA

Rosie in NY

and they both typed

till  the morning light


Franklin wrote Rosie

Love Notes

Made out of Binary Code

And those were passionate

X-rated 0’s and 1’s

And they moved in together

On a digital world

There Avatars shared many moments

But as time grew

and the world changed

So did the coders

They no longer spoke the same

Rosie in C++

And Franklin in HTML

Rosie was on to make

Apps in Abu Dubai

And Frank was already in Silicon Valley

And as much as they tried to make it work

Rosie knew as much as she wanted to

Computers can’t touch you

She asked him to come away with her

But he thought she was joking

He  dryly replied LOL

So she left

She signed out

His Avatar sat alone

in this digital world

And Franklin heart broken

Sat down and designed

A beautiful website

for a small start-up

saddened he wrote

his feelings in  excesses code

hidden as a forgotten

love note

Only open to those

brave enough to check

The Source Code

And the Start up grew

And grew and grew

And even though the end users

Didn’t know

they felt on the website that

every page was filled with love

and they were right

each page secretly

told the coders story

And one day Rosie

all the way in Abu Dubai

She was reading the

code source

of this website

and realized that

she was wrong

very wrong

Technology Can Indeed

Transcend Love

When it’s done right


And they all lived happily

Ever After





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