Great Plans, poem (163/365)

Going home
Going to sleep
Going to dream
Sounds like plan
To me


The polite castaway, poem(160/365)

And I hope
You see my flares
And the signs I wrote
I wave my arms
But I know you’re overwhelmed
And rarely look in this direction
But I would very much
Appreciate you
possibly paying attention
And if you could just see me
And take action
That would be great
As for the last few weeks
I have been stranded
Trying to get your attention

Diction, (159/365)

Diction is deadly
Wars have been
Hatched on simple
Single syllable words
Words are potent
It’s doesn’t take a lot to kill
One noun, verb or adjective
Aimed right or released early
Can sting
But words
Can be like medicine
And heal
And one adjective, noun, or verb
Can get you through day
Soldiers have found meanings in
A Single syllable word
Like love or hope
Or mom or dad
Diction is divine

Just Create, poem (157/365)


Just create things
For the sake of making things
With no stress
of what it will look like
Just create things
For the sake of your soul
With no stress
of aproval
Just create things
For sake of your brain
With no stress
on how it will all flow together
Just create art
Because it oozes out
Unable to be neatly contained
By anything
thoughts, canvas, handprints
Inspiration flows
Art creates just
Everything exposed

Waves in waters, poem (155/365)

I tried to change
Your mind today
To fight you
On this idea you have
That we must live
And put up with
The poor behavior
Of others
This was my mistake
To fight you
For not wanting
To make waves
When I also live
In still waters
To afraid
Of living
Because living
Scares me when
There is no guarantee
Of life
And I like to finish things
And it scares me that
One day I might not
But talking to you today
Made me realize
That we must make waves
To feel alive
And that life is too
Magnificent not to splash
Not to be surrounded by
People who love you
And love you so much
That they even try
To fight you
To make sure
You never accept any
Love but the best

Feel something, poem (154/365)

this is a character poem 🙂

I just want to feel something
I say
and I yell
And I curse
Shaking my fist
But what I really mean
Is you hurt me
You wounded me
You gutted me
Shaking my heart
I want to get this taste out
Of my mouth
I want to not feel
This pain with breath
This wobbly sensation
That I will never be enough
Spinning and spinning
And seeing disgust
every word that leaps
Out of my mouth
Seems never enough
And I think
I’m the only person
Who missed that day
In the world when
They taught human 101
And I want to feel better
And I want to feel suave
And I want to feel like I am enough
Because I am
And when I said I wanted to feel something
I just meant
I want to feel like the beautiful person I am