The Space Between Deactivating and Reactivating


So I stopped it, the tweets, the facebooking, the blogging. Hello my name is Lexie, and I am addicted to facebook It’s been 4 months, 2 weeks, and 8 minutes from my last wall post. Why, did I leave? And why the heck did I come back some might ask?
I left because I found my self so addicted to facebook to the point that I would check every minute for a new update no joke, even going as far as checking my phone and laptop at the same time. But needless to say no matter how long I left facebook, I knew I would ultimatly have to return as soon as I readjusted myself. Because facebook does serve some purpose. So I took the summer off,  and with all the time not facebooking I was able to get alot done.
I have learned alot about myself and about humanity such as Protien is good ( though to much can get annoying), not all contest are rigged, you can make a real house of legos ( saw it on BBC) and inception is possible if you go deep enough( little inception joke… I kid I kid).