What Are You Feeding Your Soul, Poem (64/365)

What are you

feeding your soul,

if you feed it at all

What does it live on

because it will be

what ever you fill it with

If you stave it

If your soul is grumbling

With hungry pains

You devour anything

and everything

to become satisfied

and end up stuffing

your soul with trash

because you’re

reaching for what is

quick and easy

and you were desperate

not caring by what means

You need love

but you settle for

cat calls

You need to believe in yourself

but settle

for the belief in Hank

the new guy you met at the drug store

You need people

but settle

for robots

You will become


and you will never

fully flourish

Because you can’t

be strong

without  veggies

and  water

and  protein

You can’t live on sugar alone

or you will crash

you need substance

What are you feeding your soul

You feed your car better

Then your being

At some point

You will no longer be able

to hold it down

Your soul will Vomit

every false ideology and


it ate in the rush

but don’t stop it

let it out

And when it stops

start slowly

feeding your soul

bits of truth

bits of confidence

bits of love

and you will evolve from


to soup

to salad

to solids

And all ask

is when you fully recover

that every time

You pick up book

Or read a poem

Or talk to yourself

Or listen to a song

Or watch a movie

Or go out on a new adventure

Ask yourself

what type of food

is this

for your soul


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