Rich But Broke, Poem (70/365)

I wrote this poem because I was inspired by the quote: “There are people so poor, that the only thing they have is money”.  And I was thinking about what that would look like, to be so wealthy but lack everything else like friends, love, and happiness. So the poem is another attempt at a character poem:


We are so Poor

beyond poverty

because we no longer love

we no longer listen

we use labels

as bandaids

we won’t acknowledge

we’re broken

Instead I say your headstrong

And you call me a brat

You’re worried over money

But we’re so poor

Poor because we

no longer communicate

below the poverty line

without love

there is no soup kitchen

or government aid

to solve this

I locked myself in the bathroom

to keep from crying

You never acknowledged it

For a mansion it sure feels roofless

Because it always seems to

be raining

We’re poor alright

Poor on everything that matters

And as much as I try

It hurts too much

It hurts too much

to try and love you

to pretend we mean more

then these things

but all I want is your attention

Money isn’t all

that determines who lives

below the poverty line

I am sorry I’m broke

And can’t afford to

hug you

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