Staying in the patio, nomadic poem ( bonus)

Staying in the patio
Craving to be all alone
Buzzing till I feel my feet
Left my socks and shoes
Nothing but bad bad news
Perhaps opportunity starts today
Trying to collect my thoughts
There going off off off
Wondering how switch them on
Met boy at the video store
Who I was trying to ignore
For fear he learn to disengage
I tried to wipe my face
But a bunch tears came out
Wondering when it rains
Sitting on the patio
Desiring to be all alone
But they all stay in place
Taking on telephone
Answering the xylophone
I tried to disengage
They don’t know
This is my block
So all just talk
Unaware that I have
gone all day
Trying to be
a good sport
But I kick out
Cause I’m living on the patio
And I need to be all alone,
When it gets late


The walk, poem (346/365)

I think he knows
That I’m afraid
To show weakness
So I lie about
What I need less
I think he knows
That I walked here
All night
In the rain to see him
I think that he knows
That an action like
That is massive
For person like me
Deserves a reaction
But I pray
That he doesn’t
Because I was
Just being me

Jesus and those baby back rips, a health poem (340/365)

God forgives
The baby back ribs
I tried to explain to trainer
As well as the cake
And the oversized shake
But he wasn’t understanding
That buffet lines
Can over power minds
That are two weak
To handle no-nos
Given the choice of carrots and ho-hos
Demons testing me
I try and repent
Making promises to cut back for lent
And finally my trainer looks at me
“Jesus forgives
But the scale ain’t forgotten
Those baby back ribs”

Imaginary husbands, Poem (339/365)

I haven’t stopped
Thinking about you
Since we left
And we parted
And you reached over
To tell me
You were thinking of me
And I wait to see
You again this week
Wondering if
I still will be in you’re
Good graces
With no last name
I figured out
Ways to manage
With just the first
And there is a lot of ways
I get it to work
I place both are names
Side by side
And think of
How the wedding invitations
Would sound
I place my mind
On sounding out every letter
Of your name
So my mind will know it
Inside and out
I often think
If your name is perfect
For forever
Trying to find
Faults in your smile
Or your voice
Trying to think
Of a million reasons
This would not work
And when I have expanded
Every avenue
And think it will last
I find myself
As a crazy girl doodling
Out the future
like its the past
And all you did was smile
But it’s nice to dream
Every once and while

Discomfort, poem (338/365)

I thought about
What was standing
Between me
And what I wanted
And after peeling away
All the obstacles
And all the excuses
The only true
Thing stoping me
Was myself
Making leashes
Of imaginary limitation
When I claimed
I could no
Longer stretch further
Or think harder
Often stopping
At discomfort
I whispered to
“It’s time to get
And I leaped
To meet my dreams