Delayed escapades, poem (356/365)

He promised to runaway
When the money
Got good
When the obligations
Had stopped
And the fear
Had left
He promised
Just like he had before
Dead set
On making good
He promised
To arise
When the moons
And the river
Held its tide
And the sand
Stayed put
Never realizing
That no one ever
has it
That good
Maybe he couldn’t
But he definitely
Could increase
His chances
If he did more
Then just stay put
One step
Edging closer
Getting shorter
Grasping goals
Without proper


The Chef, an under cooked poem (303/365)

He’s taste buds
He’s instincts
He’s confidence
He struggled
To bake
Often simmering
And soaking in
Unable to deliever
He often burned
Food and thoughts
And he knew better
He thought he
Should go back to Paris
And work as sous chef
Never believing in self
If only he tasted
His scones
Those were
Reflections of skill
An undeniable proof
Of culinary genius
He had the it
He just need to loose
Is that salty flavor

The bounty hunter, poem (283/365)

They said I couldn’t
find you
Well luckily talk
Of such things
Makes me wake happily
From deep slumber
So the more
They discouraged
The more I continued
To search
I looked for you
I made packs
With coyotes
To sniff for you
I went
Way beyond
The extra mile
Till my comfort zone
Seemed just a memory
Of rear views
And the more
They said
It’s impossible
The hungrier
I got
No longer craving
But only being
Satisfied with
Work and looking
For you
I stalked
And I watched
And I inhaled
Until my words
Became a dictionary
Of you
With every pause
Closer creeping
Up on you
Lowering your gaurd
They said
I would
Never get you
And then finally
I had you
Right there
Desperately seeking
And I felt
The high
I find you
Proving them wrong
And less
Then 24 hours
I handed you
Unable to maintain
These euphoric
I found you
But staying
Is a whole lot harder

Rush Hour Kind of Love, A Character Poem(268/365)

Dear Sunsets
After work
You make me smile
I never know
how you’ll dress
but I always noticed
the details
Magenta, or Orange,
Or that new shade
of Blue
Please keep doing
what you’re doing
Because frankly
it works for you
And no matter
how bad my day
was I can’t
get upset looking
at you
You make wonder possible
You make me feel better
You make me optimistic
because you can’t look
at something so beautiful
gorgeous, exquisite
and not think that
God is moving
in my direction
And no matter how
busy I get
You always hold
my attention
I just want to say
Please keep doing
what your doing
Because frankly
it works for you
A guy perpetually stuck
on the 405
During rush hour

With That Click, Poem (248/365)

And with that click
I release you
Lifting my soul high
As I no longer
have to struggle
With thoughts unsaid
With what-ifs
With stories to tell
Of pain and anguish
Only Love
I’d Scream
I’m sorry to the hills
If I thought that would help
But sometimes when you learn
It’s easy to burn
those around you
Young and eager
But not too bright
on what is good
or true or fair
So it won’t haunt me
Like it would want me
I am fully unglued
I just can’t keep
that much data on
my computer anymore
so as it asks me
To delete
I click yes
The sweet joy of
releasing techno trash
And with that click
I release you
Files of the past

All You Did, Poem (244/365)

If all you did
Was try to create
beautiful images
all day long
I bet the sun
would smile for you
I bet the rainbow
would pose
I bet the birds
would harmonies
so you would have
something to listen to
I bet the trees
would say cheese
as leafs fell
I bet the grass
would hold you
firm and steady
I bet the Ocean
would welcome you
shhh… shhh.. shhhh
you can hear it
I bet the rocks
would come prepared
in their sunday best
sparkling and new
I bet the world
if you let it
would embrace you
Because when you start looking
for beauty
God will show you
Be it
In the four leaf cover
Or the traffic so bad
it makes you have to
Look up from the
405 to wonder
at all these people
brought here together
And when the
guy that cuts you off
gives you the finger
remember to just look up
because you can’t be mad
with that sky
If all you did
was create
beautiful images
then maybe
you could be
the photos
you admire