The Inaccurate Predictions of Wilka Wilson, Poem (73/365)

That old fortune teller

She lied you to you

she told you that if you didn’t

find yourself by 25

You would be lost forever

She tells everyone the same thing

I don’t know why you believed her

I don’t know why most people believe her

I don’t know why I believed her either

But somehow

I’m out of the trance

People who you pay 5 dollars to

should not be trusted

And here you are  pacing

back and forth frantically

because you still

have not figured out who

you want to be at 26

still doubting

and you say Madame Willow was right

Lost forever

but I can tell you

that is just one more

of the inaccurate predictions

of Wilka Wilson

also known as Madame Willow

Who happens to be

one tangerine short of fruit basket

“Lost Forever!” you cry

Wilka drives lemon

and you think for a psychic

She be at least able to

follow directions

But she is lost forever

on the 405

You moan why why why

I Ask why do

you believe people

who use snow globes

as alternatives to crystal balls

She didn’t see your future

She saw dodger stadium

covered in snow

26 things should have come together at 25

you cry

oh why

Why is it that life

should come together perfectly

it’s messy

ask  Wilka who works kid parties

if this was how she envisioned her life

Lost Forever

But I think you like it

you like playing the victim

You like  all

the inaccurate predictions

of Wilka Wilson

Because you never have to try

and when people ask

why you never believed in yourself

tell them the truth

that you where so scared to do anything

they grasped the first negative theory you could

And I predict

if you try

if you really go out there

You will find yourself

Forever Succeeding







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