Remembering Photos, poem (132/365)

I remember
that I use to remember more
But did I really
Or did I just have less
Information in my head
It’s easier to retain
3 facts or 40
If I concentrate hard
Memory becomes stills
Photos that can be called
Photographic memory
Which Exist if I believe
In the power of my


Bear Cravings, Clay figure and Poem (131/365)

The bear awoke
His stomach growled
He found his urge to eat
Driving him
And driving him
To the fridge
He could only
Think of the foods
he would eat
The order
Crazy combos
Of pickles and French toast
And he stuffed his face
Each bite more magical then
The next
And suddenly yummy
Conquered all the cravings
In his tummy
And he went back to







Discovering Words, poem (130/365)

I find myself
Trying to collect words
Like postcards
Holding on to sentences
Like it’s the last thing all see again
Grasping for paragraphs
That sum up my condition
Or reveal themselves as a solution
These words
And the way they flow
Off your tongue
Each syllable blessed
Each thought christened
Language a gift from God
Reading is become refreshing
It’s becoming shared experience
I am turning into a literary hoarder
It’s becoming air
Holding unto big books
For a tiny moving chapters
With Jewels of sentences
I have been writing
And I’m holding on
To drafts
Wanting to capture process
Losing myself in creation
Only to find me again
In each and ever word

The bodyguard, poem (129/365)

My bodyguard
is better then your bodyguard
as he slapped a sandwich out
of my hand
because it wasn’t gluten free
He turned the tv off
because he implied it was bad
for my eyes
He plays classical
for better brain function
My bodyguard
took out a venting machine
Because the sugar was tempting
He stopped me from a hugging
due to what he called germs
My bodyguard stopped
your phone call
And I keep trying to tell him
Not to overstep
he only has to protect
my hands, my feet, my face, my body
but he is always reminding me
He has to protect my heart
because that where the blood is pumping
and without it
My bodyguard is not like your bodyguard
Your bodyguard would take a bullet
but mine would also take all the pain

Don’t flirt with him, poem(128/365)

Please don’t flirt with him
Don’t twirl your hair, giggling
Don’t grab his arm lovingly
For blurred seconds which seem like an eternity
Because this will only make it harder
When I have to pick him up again
Explaining that he is special
But not to you
So please don’t break him
He is the type guy
Who spends hours writing your name
Next to his trying to get the font right
He’s the type
Who thinks about kids
And where you all should live
And the right amount of lilac
He’s the type of guy
Who just breaks
If you die
He’ll die
days later
From being love sick
He also the good guy
Who falls for girls who don’t
Appreciate him
He’s a romantic
And a hopeful one right now
So please don’t flirt with him
Unless you mean it

A Rant before Forgiveness, Poem ( 125/365)

Character poem today 🙂

I’m angry
And while I know
I should forgive
I’ll indulge a minute longer
In this moment
And clench my fist
And mutter why do you always
Mess up
And I’ll forgive
Like I forgiven you
These decades
And I will tell myself
Not to fault you
For that is just who you are
And I will try to love you
an arms length away
While guarding myself
And telling myself to try harder
To love without expecting anything
But it’s hard as I have been trained
To walk away from people like you
Who shatter dreams
Pretend sorry is lost language
And demand for trust and acclamation
Like claps for hurting me
So yes I will forgive you
But I’m still angry
That I keep having too

The Maid, poem(124/365)


I would clean this place up
If I just knew
where you
Left the broom
to your heart
I looked in the closet
But there was a bunch of junk
I assume you meant to sweep up
Who broke all your dishes
I pick them up
You’re worried I’ll get cut
I’m fine
And why all the dust
No rags to find
So I ripped my sleeve
Made my way around
You panic
This is when I realize
You like the filth
It’s comforting
Clean scares you
I’m not hear to destroy
I’m the maid
And you have to learn to trust again
So please
Show me where
You keep the cleaning supplies
So that I can help
Your state of mind