Brainstorming Your Question, Answer Poem (69/365)

So what are you up to now?

I don’t know

I make stuff

all day


I fix things


I do IT

I run

I eat

I sleep

I dream

I read

I breath

But currently consistency

is not something I have

My Mom says

I should make a schedule

And I agree

I should make a schedule

Your looking for a schedule

When you asked

what are your up to now?

What a normal day

looks like for  me

and so many times

I have tried to figure out

the perfect way to say it

but my ego

sometimes controls my tongue

and I swear I’m not trying

to be vague

or mysterious

or sound like I don’t

want to talk to you

But when you asked

I should have said

I’m trying to figure out life

planning some way

to get to A to Z

when the alphabet

is all screwed up

And U’s look like C’s

And I know in your head

the alphabet is 26 letters

but in mine

it’s  unknown number

of secret levels

and you don’t need all of them to succeed

and if you must know

I’m scheduling for the future

And I don’t know

if you have ever seen

a brainstorm session happen before

but it’s messy

and thoughts are everywhere

Life is everywhere

circles of hobbies

circles of friends

circles of work

stems of connection

stems of cross over

stems of interconnection

Bubbles of possibility

but I swear

when it all comes together

You won’t have to ask what I’m doing

because You Will Know

Oh Yes

You Will Know


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