The Secret of Dreaming Rational, Poem (72/365)

Can I tell you a secret

I think some how

I stopped dreaming

And I became a realist

because suddenly

In dream land

vivd landscapes

turned into grey

I’m  balancing check books

and doing taxes

And I no longer dream

of being discovered

but more building

a house one brick at a time

And I woke up

and somebody asked

me what I do with a million dollars

I said I would by house

and I if I had enough money maybe

a new —

And I caught myself

Jesus I caught myself

Being Rational to a Hypothetical Question

with no limits

And Yet I put limits

If the world was yours?

If the world was yours?

I would stay home


I have always been a dreamer

I have always reached

I have always had goals

bigger, and fatter then most

but that statement was simple

dreaming simple

And I thought

I need to stop

Dreams aren’t

like grade school drawings

you’re meant to color outside the lines

If you don’t reach for bigger

No doubt you’ll always get smaller

And if you stop dreaming


real crazy

Going on tour

Fishing in Hawaii

Sailing, Hunting

space trips to the moon

Type of dreams

if you deny  yourself those

Your heart won’t race

and you’ll stop going

You’ll stop hunting

And you’ll stop imagining

And you’ll become scared

of change

And fear will become you

Because as a realist

You’ll be waiting

for bad things to happen

So Dream

Big Beautiful Dreams






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