Water bottles, poem (359/365)

I was never that thirsty
I asked you for water
To touch your attention
So that we could meet
Unable to explain
That I weep
Just the same
Because I hear you
From the street
But waves of shame
And insecurity stop me
From showing my flaws
Because damaged goods
Aren’t good at all
Or at least that’s the image
way to unopened
Way to unlovable
Way to unhuggable
To be accepted
Every ones got scars
But we all just cover it up
I have been slammed
Before by drunks
For sipping at communion
So my shields
Know better then just
Letting you in
When you’re so unknown
I hoped to resurrect
Some part of youth
When we fell
But were unafriad
I was never that thirsty
I asked you for water
In hopes of inacting
Some silent prayer
That you would be
My friend forever
And hold me
In an ocean
That I don’t know
How to swim


Storm Update: Jenga and Water


Just wanted to let everybody know I am healthy, and well stocked up on food and water as well as board games. My roommate and I convinced a majority of people in KMart to buy Jenga yesterday, just incase the power should go out.  Fun for the whole family. It has started to rain but we should be safe as we are on the 4th floor and have lots of water. My Roommate and I have also made a pact not to eat each other even if times get rough. 

Give you more updates soonish.