Imaginary husbands, Poem (339/365)

I haven’t stopped
Thinking about you
Since we left
And we parted
And you reached over
To tell me
You were thinking of me
And I wait to see
You again this week
Wondering if
I still will be in you’re
Good graces
With no last name
I figured out
Ways to manage
With just the first
And there is a lot of ways
I get it to work
I place both are names
Side by side
And think of
How the wedding invitations
Would sound
I place my mind
On sounding out every letter
Of your name
So my mind will know it
Inside and out
I often think
If your name is perfect
For forever
Trying to find
Faults in your smile
Or your voice
Trying to think
Of a million reasons
This would not work
And when I have expanded
Every avenue
And think it will last
I find myself
As a crazy girl doodling
Out the future
like its the past
And all you did was smile
But it’s nice to dream
Every once and while


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