Staying in the patio, nomadic poem ( bonus)

Staying in the patio
Craving to be all alone
Buzzing till I feel my feet
Left my socks and shoes
Nothing but bad bad news
Perhaps opportunity starts today
Trying to collect my thoughts
There going off off off
Wondering how switch them on
Met boy at the video store
Who I was trying to ignore
For fear he learn to disengage
I tried to wipe my face
But a bunch tears came out
Wondering when it rains
Sitting on the patio
Desiring to be all alone
But they all stay in place
Taking on telephone
Answering the xylophone
I tried to disengage
They don’t know
This is my block
So all just talk
Unaware that I have
gone all day
Trying to be
a good sport
But I kick out
Cause I’m living on the patio
And I need to be all alone,
When it gets late


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