Did I know you were crazy, short poem (117/365)

Did I know you were crazy?
um um NO

HAD I know you were crazy

I would have said NO

When you invited me for a day of fun

but I’m glad you’re Crazy

because you have inspired me to live

nothing like flames, heights, water, and sharks
to get a girl to live again

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The Self Help Books Living with me, poem (114/365)

Self books
Have made a home
On my table
They’re staring at me
And while they sound different
They all say the same thing
Live life
Don’t hide
Go for it
I eat my cereal
on the corner of the table
They have invaded
They stare at me
Pouting for me
To move
Pleading I live life
I kiss them all goodbye
And promise to
Make them proud
And the stacks of self help
On the coffee table
Look like sky scrapers
As I look back from
The door way
This is the last look
I promise
Till I have made
Some head way