Will VS Try, poem (355/365)

I slept on the floor
But I thought
what do I do it for
I would sleep
in a cave
next to a mont of sheep
If that would
drive success futher


Hoarder, poem (354/365)

I hoarded everything
So that memories
Would stay forever
But holding on to so much
Only left me
With more anger and pain
Drifting over priceless trash
Unable to create
Only reaching
For old glory days
And forgetting
The present that
Still remained

Delayed takeoff, poem (353/365)

My flight was delayed
She left
And I stayed
She left earlier
But I couldn’t help
And compare
I stayed stranded
And some how she
Had managed
To go somewhere
Fate was keeping me from
I felt despair
And convinced myself
I was missing out
And I burned myself
And I scorned myself
with thoughts
Like these
Poisoning thought streams
Crushing positivity
So possessed
With the fact
She made it there
I struggled
With blessing of delays
The empty plane
The more room for space
The more time to figure out
What I wanted
Not having to wander
Aimlessly like most foreigners due
Never taken in the miracles
Completely and till I landed
And fully realized
The blessing
I had taken for granted
A delay
Is not the end destination
Just a practical
Self revaluation

Stalling, poem ( bonus)

I stall
I ask questions
When I hit a wall
Because sometimes
Are scary
Especially when there bottomless
And when you have hit
Bottom before
You don’t trust
Sure things
You don’t trust
Your instincts
You dip your toe
So many times in the water
The coldness
Doesn’t matter
And you’re afraid
That even if you swam
Some magic tide pool
Would pull you in
And you would sink
But you’re not
So stop flighting
And start fighting
Because deep inside you
There is much more
Then a girl stalling
A mighty warrior lives
Inside her

Sleep loss, a poem of exhaust, (350/365)

Space for new works
Trying fix old works
Lying on the bed
Contemplating rest
Because time
Seems to be
Not your friend
When you have all these ideas
Percolating in your head
Trying to make 5 seconds
A ten minute rest
Because time is too precious
To spend it all in bed
And again
I remind myself
That sleep lost
Is not always a loss
It just depends
On what coming out
Sweet dreams
Or sweet success