Delayed takeoff, poem (353/365)

My flight was delayed
She left
And I stayed
She left earlier
But I couldn’t help
And compare
I stayed stranded
And some how she
Had managed
To go somewhere
Fate was keeping me from
I felt despair
And convinced myself
I was missing out
And I burned myself
And I scorned myself
with thoughts
Like these
Poisoning thought streams
Crushing positivity
So possessed
With the fact
She made it there
I struggled
With blessing of delays
The empty plane
The more room for space
The more time to figure out
What I wanted
Not having to wander
Aimlessly like most foreigners due
Never taken in the miracles
Completely and till I landed
And fully realized
The blessing
I had taken for granted
A delay
Is not the end destination
Just a practical
Self revaluation


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