Spilling Emotions, poem (334/365)


I carefully emote
Because I don’t want to
Take you with me
On an emotional
Roller coaster for two
I look at you
You are perfect
And I don’t want to spew
On you
But I often wonder
If you feel the same
Way I do
Angry about
All the things
We can not change
And when we finish
Unloading proverbial woos
Of the world around us
Will you listen
When I say
We should replenish
Are hearts and arts
And passion and lungs
So they may breath
Without pain
Will we spill a grievances
Till our bellies run empty
So creativity and life
Can live there
What I’m saying is
If I share my pain
Can we live in
Laughter after
Because I don’t
Want to emote on you
Without a sense of hope


One comment on “Spilling Emotions, poem (334/365)

  1. Elan Mudrow says:

    Nice! I like your writing!!
    check out:

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