Descriptions of people I don’t know, poem (328/365)

She’s got baby fangs
Like ice cream cones
Her blue green eyes
Remind me of a world globes
Her chin curves in
Such a way to greet her nose
She got veins in her head
And that looks in such away
She shouldn’t worry about
Getting old

He’s got teeth
Like a bat cave
His legs extend to moon
He’s eyes are sharp
And can cut you
His hair is high tide
Coming in
His laugh is
A buttery hiccup
Accidentally sweet

His pupils are tiny pixels
Making his eyes
Appear to be fake
Almost factory made
His smile is crescent moon
Five o’clock shadows
Occupy his face
With a mole so eloquently placed
On his left chin
The size of a black licorice
Jelly bean
His voice is trumpets
And his stance
Is confidence in forms


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