Joseph, poem (325/365)

a character poem, that is not suppose to be historically accurate

She bore one
His mother she bore a son
And named him Joseph
The other bore 12
12 other brothers
Who inspite of sharing a father
Shared very little of themselves
Often snarling at him
Calling him weak
The others where in pairs
But his mother she only
Bore one
Who would be his fathers favorite
He tried to get in
To make them love him
Almost always degrading himself
In the process
He promised to forget who he was
If they just let him in
He would have made you a rainbow jacket
Too if they only asked
He would respond
But they shunned him
And unloved him
Till he no could no longer
Feel his heart
Only pain of abandonment
And the pushed him out
So far out that
He was left to reflect for himself
Building confidence over time
And realizing he was fine
Just the way he was
And he realized he himself
Was more special then he realized
For his mother only bore one
His mother only bore a son
And she named him Joseph


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