The bounty hunter, poem (283/365)

They said I couldn’t
find you
Well luckily talk
Of such things
Makes me wake happily
From deep slumber
So the more
They discouraged
The more I continued
To search
I looked for you
I made packs
With coyotes
To sniff for you
I went
Way beyond
The extra mile
Till my comfort zone
Seemed just a memory
Of rear views
And the more
They said
It’s impossible
The hungrier
I got
No longer craving
But only being
Satisfied with
Work and looking
For you
I stalked
And I watched
And I inhaled
Until my words
Became a dictionary
Of you
With every pause
Closer creeping
Up on you
Lowering your gaurd
They said
I would
Never get you
And then finally
I had you
Right there
Desperately seeking
And I felt
The high
I find you
Proving them wrong
And less
Then 24 hours
I handed you
Unable to maintain
These euphoric
I found you
But staying
Is a whole lot harder


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