The one left behind, poem (263/365)

Sometimes I wonder
If you thought of us
All of us
Who hugged you
Or whispered compliments
Or tried to be like you
Sometimes I wonder
If you thought of us
When you jumped
You must not have
Or had some distorted
Screwed up point of view
Because if you had called
We would told you
We loved you
And did you think
Of all the lives you touched
As you jumped
And how you left us here
Sad and empty
And I always feel this
Way around this time year
I look for you in the oceans
the only things that seems to capture
You so perfectly
And the funny thing
Was we never really
Knew each other
But I can’t figure out
Why I can’t shake you
I guess we were kindred souls
I always saw me in you
Boo on my for never telling you
But I always thought you cool
And sometimes I think about you
And I wonder
If you ever thought about us
When you jumped
Or in that split second
Before life ended
If you where hit
With an overwhelming aura
Of love
And you reflected on
Everything you had done
And all the people
You affected
And the many that missed out
Well if your listening
I’m thinking of you
And while you jumped
Your legacy continues
To move
Through all the people
Who loved you
And while we’ll never know
If you thought about us
We are thinking of you


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