All You Did, Poem (244/365)

If all you did
Was try to create
beautiful images
all day long
I bet the sun
would smile for you
I bet the rainbow
would pose
I bet the birds
would harmonies
so you would have
something to listen to
I bet the trees
would say cheese
as leafs fell
I bet the grass
would hold you
firm and steady
I bet the Ocean
would welcome you
shhh… shhh.. shhhh
you can hear it
I bet the rocks
would come prepared
in their sunday best
sparkling and new
I bet the world
if you let it
would embrace you
Because when you start looking
for beauty
God will show you
Be it
In the four leaf cover
Or the traffic so bad
it makes you have to
Look up from the
405 to wonder
at all these people
brought here together
And when the
guy that cuts you off
gives you the finger
remember to just look up
because you can’t be mad
with that sky
If all you did
was create
beautiful images
then maybe
you could be
the photos
you admire


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