Changes, poem (147/365)

Happy pie day!! This is a character poem I wrote today.

My tastes
Are changing
And it’s weird
No longer delighting
In chocolate
Who am I
In ones self
Is confusing
I don’t hate me
But it sort of feels
Like admitting
Some part of me was a lie
Because I might not love
The color green as much
As I use too
When I was 12
I plead my allegiance
Without thinking
That green was my favorite
And chocolate was favorite
And that I would follow you
To the ends of the earth
And now that I’m older
Craving healthy
Things and it scares me
That I’m changing
Eating salads
Admiring soft blues
And I don’t miss you
Like I use too
So my taste have changed
But I keep trying
To stuff my face
With cake
Because it’s
What I’m use to


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