The loop holes, poem (142/365)

“God knows all your thoughts”
The preacher said
“And every hair on your head
He knows what is in your heart”
All my thoughts
deep breathing
Every thought
I thought
Shhhhhhhwwww wow
I have a lot of thoughts
And if he can see in my head
I am sure God might think
Well I don’t know what
he would think
maybe that I have the mind of a Lawyer
Looking for loop holes,
in biblical texts,
And asking questions
like how much time will I get for this
And what if it’s only once
and I repent
if it’s premeditated
is that worse
but what if
I repent
straight after and fast
and what if someone wrote it wrong
I think if slamming the door
will be breaking a commandment
as a teenager for not
honoring a parent
and I try to always
make my case
but it usually
sounds so first grade
he started it first
And I always
am fight do I really have
to love everyone
even the guy who
gave me the finger on
the 405
When I asked
my mother why doesn’t the bible
have updates,
she say he wrote it perfect
the first time
And I am content
And I find solace
In the preachers words
” Good works don’t get you into heaven
Believing in God does”
The system understands
People are human


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