The bodyguard, poem (129/365)

My bodyguard
is better then your bodyguard
as he slapped a sandwich out
of my hand
because it wasn’t gluten free
He turned the tv off
because he implied it was bad
for my eyes
He plays classical
for better brain function
My bodyguard
took out a venting machine
Because the sugar was tempting
He stopped me from a hugging
due to what he called germs
My bodyguard stopped
your phone call
And I keep trying to tell him
Not to overstep
he only has to protect
my hands, my feet, my face, my body
but he is always reminding me
He has to protect my heart
because that where the blood is pumping
and without it
My bodyguard is not like your bodyguard
Your bodyguard would take a bullet
but mine would also take all the pain


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