Don’t flirt with him, poem(128/365)

Please don’t flirt with him
Don’t twirl your hair, giggling
Don’t grab his arm lovingly
For blurred seconds which seem like an eternity
Because this will only make it harder
When I have to pick him up again
Explaining that he is special
But not to you
So please don’t break him
He is the type guy
Who spends hours writing your name
Next to his trying to get the font right
He’s the type
Who thinks about kids
And where you all should live
And the right amount of lilac
He’s the type of guy
Who just breaks
If you die
He’ll die
days later
From being love sick
He also the good guy
Who falls for girls who don’t
Appreciate him
He’s a romantic
And a hopeful one right now
So please don’t flirt with him
Unless you mean it


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