The War on Insomnia By Lexie Grace, Poem (119/365)

I’m at war
and I won’t rest
well I want to rest
I’m in war
currently against insomnia
After a night in the trenches
I ready to end this thing
And go back to bed
go back to dreams
Tonight I have prepped
And I am well stocked
and ready
Arming myself
with sounds of
the ocean and smooth Jazz
Took a warm bubble bath
for good measure
because a solider can’t go
wrong in a bubble bath
A loaded gun of
Chamomile tea
A smoke bomb
of Lavender
And instead of Grenades
I have sheep
Eighty- two, Eighty-three
And You can’t stop my battalion
as they just keep jumping
Eighty-six, Eighty-seven
Grabbing my weapon
of choice
my grey insulated comforter
wrapping myself in it
I put my finger on the trigger
lowering my eye lids
I will never surrender
I close my eyes
entering the front lines
with my head on the pillow
I will not stop till I reach
the promise land
Dream Land
Ninety-one, Ninety-two
He can no longer hold me
Goodnight I sleepily mutter
Don’t disturb me




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