The Duck Dates, Poem and Clay Figure (104/365)

Marvin the Duck
Panics on the way
To the date
Neurotic as usually
He thinks
What if she thinks
I’m a quack
What if she’s
a quack
Who will save me
He pictures his date
Plucking him one feather
At time and lower him in
a vat of bowling water
Nah nah nah he says
Snapping himself together
He looks at his roses
Do they look sad
Maybe I should have gone
For bread
what duck doesn’t love bread
Maybe she gluten free
What do you feed a bird
Who doesn’t eat bread
Oh Nuts!
What if she proposes
Does she want to mate
For life
I’m not ready to commit
For life
I kind of like being
in the water
With the air
But I guess it would be nice
To have another duck
To ride with
Hi guys I would like to
You to meet my bride
Finally after he figured out
Their next 30 years together
He came back to the present
And knocked at the door







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