Not Guilty, poem (97/365)

This is a character poem, I was really inspired, by an article I read about a wife who didn’t get emotional in public when her husband died.

Cry or
they’ll call you

Guilty of
Being Heartless
Being Fake
Being Cold

But if you
Don’t cry
When he dies
And they’ll charge you
You will plead
Not Guilty
And I will defend you

Exhibit A
Some of us
Are on delays
There are only 2
People I cried
About instantaneous
After hearing the news,
But there far more
Who made me numb
Shocked me
Till found myself
Missing them
In a puddle of tears
Months later

Exhibit B
We are different humans
We react different
I don’t like crying
In public places

Exhibit C-Z
All of the moments
You didn’t see
Like me being haunted
By memories
places we went
Trying to contemplate
Where is he now
Trying to contemplate
If I will ever be happy
Trying to contemplate
If I will ever not think about him
Me trying to keep it together
Because someone needs
to keep it together

We can’t all jump in caskets
By the way
there is nothing wrong
With jumping in caskets
If that’s how you feel
Grieve how you want
But don’t crucify her
When She won’t cry

Closing statements
It’s not that my heart
And soul are any smaller then yours
Or colder then yours
It’s just
I feel numb
I feel everything
And I feel this sadness
Which feels incurable
But if I don’t cry in front of you
PLEASE don’t call guilty
If you saw the way
I held him, and I loved him
How I looked at him day in and out
You would know
Beyond a doubt
That I’m innocent



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