Apartment Walls, Poem (94/365)

Apartment walls
Like telephones
I can hear your voice
And your tone,
the bass of it
Not the context
I don’t know
Your character
I just know your words
As they cut though
The plaster of my walls
Pulling me from a
State of vegetation
Why is it I only hear you
When you’re angry or celebratory
I’m starting to think
You might have anger issues
But I realize the wall is selective
I hear your soprano moments
As well as your baritone
And like a telephone
I suppose you hear mine
It’s all so muffled
The landlord says we have
Thickest walls in the complex
I suppose other walls
Start conversation
Sometimes I catch myself singing aloud
Can you hear it?
My secrets
Can you hear it?
I whispered this poem
In hopes that wall will
not betray me
Can you hear it?
Are you listening?
If so say hello
And I will reply
Apartment Walls
Like telephones lines


This was a photo I took a while a go but it seems to fit the poem



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