The People Who Improvise, poem (88/365)


There are people I know
who take rocks
and make them into saunas
There are people I know
Who take dirt
And make it into mansions
There are people I know
Who take rice and beans
And make it into lobster
There are people I know
Who take cash
And turn it into poison
There are people I know
Who take love
And turn it into dumpsters
There are people I know
Who take diamonds
And turn them into coal
Scientifically impossible
I’m told
But I have seen it
I have seen people
Who had everything
complain that they had nothing
And I have seen people
With nothing
Be joyful about everything
Jesus took water
And turned into wine
You whine about
Having to much water
Darn you
you don’t even
Know how blessed you are
But you cannot
Be blamed
You were instructed
You could only
Do the job with the right tools
We improvise
Because I know people
Who take no’s
And turn them into miracles


2 comments on “The People Who Improvise, poem (88/365)

  1. johncoyote says:

    You are correct. Each of us have options. To do good or bad things. I believe with age. Most of us learn. We are responsible for our actions. I tell people. Life is fair. People who know love and kindness will survive. Love and kindness bring people with the same desire together. Money is the root of evil. Can be a tool for evil. Good people use extra money to help family and the needy. I know of more good rich people than bad. I enjoyed your thoughts. I believe we decide our journey. Good or bad. In the end we will paid for the good deeds and bad.

    • lexiegrace says:

      I think in the end it’s all choices. There are good and bad people who are both rich and poor. I just wanted express that we as people create are own narratives and the world can be what ever we make it into. And I just see so many times that people want what other people have, ” I could be successful if I just had this…” but then you see people who have that and then want something else to succeed. My intention wasn’t what people spent it on but what they do with what’s in their hands and their reaction to what they own. Some people take lemons and make lemonade, and others take lemons and just look at it and think I need sugar. Then there are people who say I have sugar but this isn’t the right sugar. And I think that nothing should stop goals, there is always a way. People put limits on themselves. And history has shown that people can doing amazing thing things when they don’t surrender.

      Side note I think love and kindness totally conquer all and should always be practiced. It’s amazing what just a little love and kindness can do.

      Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it more than you know. By the way I love your poetry 🙂

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