Thank You For Those 5 Minutes, Poem(76/365)

I’m learning to code
And I can’t help
Think of you
And your passion
And your smile
And all the books
You carried
And if anything
I was always betting on you
Even if we only talked
5 minutes
Just 5 minutes
But I remember bits
You reading
You telling me your schedule
Shift here
Followed by shift there
Followed by coding
Followed by studying
Followed by sleep
Followed by a shift here
And I don’t remember what you ate
But I remember those books on the table
Those same books under your arm
You held them like a lotto ticket
These were your great escape
HTML, JAVA, Computer Science
You picked them up like children
I see you with your black beanie
Just 5 minutes
And I can’t remember who left
The break room first
Or who I was eating with
But today I think of you
And those 5 minutes
And even though
That was all
It was enough
Years later
And You’re dead
And I keep thinking
I want to have what you had
This incredible craving for life
Regardless of all the obstacles
I heard when they found you
Your fingers were holding books
And I imagine you in suit
With a messenger bag forever
Reading on the subways of New York
Going from one successful meeting to the next
And I wish I had known you more
But 5 Minutes with Angel
I can’t complain
And I wonder what you’re doing in heaven
You’re probably making a more efficient
Database for Saint Peter
But regardless
If you’re listening
I just want to say
Thank You for those 5 minutes





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