Ironic Illegal Downloads, Short Poem (62/365)

It’s kind of Ironic

When people pirate

Les Mis

A musical

about a man

who is  on the  run

most of his life because

he stole bread

A cautionary tale

A tale of sadness

It ends bad for everyone

and yet people

steal the songs

of this show

all about

how one action

ruined this guy’s life

oy gevalt

Here a list of

a few other

Ironic Illegal Downloads

The Bible,

But Jesus will forgive you,

But I’m pretty sure it’s free anyway,

Any self help book,

7 Habits of Highly Successful People,

Stealing isn’t one,


Wonder Woman,


Any one who fights crime,

I want money that’s what I want song,

So to all my Hipster Pirates

out there

please stop being Ironic

And Pay an Artist





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