My 23rd Birthday Wish, Poem (61/365)

23 Years,

23 Songs,

23 Narratives,

23 Candles,

23 Cakes,

23 Wishes,

Today is my birthday,

the anniversary of my birth,

The day that I entered this world,

Thank you for all the lovely wishes

for the phone calls

the texts

I love it

And at 23

I can say

I am the person

I am because of

all of you

in some way

And I know this year

will be different

Because I am

no longer transfixed

On Magic lamps, or carpets,

or any other magical device

that I have heard about in storybooks

I have discovered that whatever

you think will make you happy

won’t make you happy

You must make yourself happy

And that hardwork is the only way

to make sure a dream comes true

And i have learned that my friends

are great and loving

even if there not with me

and I carry them in my heart

I realized that might be a line from

a sappy holiday card

but it’s true

I think of you more

then you will ever know

I have learned that poems

Don’t have to rythme,

I’m calling this a poem,

but that’s my artistic opinion,

and what is art any way

And if you don’t put yourself out there

you’ll find yourself ten years from now

standing in gallery

saying hey I could have made that

But you didn’t

So take risks

Be prepared

Most people aren’t prepared

Be different

You can’t change people

But you can change how you see them

People doing their best fix roofs

with chickens, and poop

but love them anyway

Hate will only make you bitter

and bitter will only make you sadder

and sadder will make you cynical

And then you will stop moving

the most important thing

I have learned

is that I don’t know anything

That can or will happen

And I can’t claim that it will

All be worth it

But I feel like

Hardwork never gets old

it’s like the good guy

it will always win and slay the dragon

And I know this is faith and hope

But that is all I have

And if you asked what I wished for

Is that I will never loose

faith again








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