I Am Not An Astronaut, Poem (59/365)


just another attempt at a character poem 🙂 here it is :

I am not an astronaut
I don’t care for space
I like to think about it
I look up as a reminder
That we are small
In the grand spectrum
And stars are great
But I’m not an astronaut
I like to be grounded
I don’t like floating
I don’t like the unknown
I don’t like to be away
from people I love
And I should have listened
To my friends when they said
Not to fall for you
Not to fall in your gravitational pull
But I thought we both
were reaching for stars
But now I see
you’re a space man
You left your last girl
On the moon
And you told her
you would come back
I should have known
And I heard you
when you Said
you wanted SPACE
Space in this relationship
And if we can take a break
But I’m not an astronaut
I don’t care for space
I don’t really want to know
What’s out there
But I understand your need
To explore
And observe if there are
Brighter stars
Your need to plant
YOUR flag on every planet out there
But I was satisfied
With you being my galaxy
But if you go
I won’t be waiting for you
I am not NASA trained
Don’t call me
When you’re in trouble
I won’t come
I will every now and then
Look at the moon
And think of you
And your proposal
And the way you leave girls
Like satellites
Promising to return after more intel
A constellation of broken hearts
And I hope you found what you
Were looking for
But I fear you will always be unsatisfied
You will go to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
And infinity and beyond
Drifting from galaxy to galaxy
Looking for the woman
Who is so perfect
So flawless
So cosmic
But I fear you won’t find her
If you do she’ll
Burn out quick for you
when quirks turn into annoyances
But what I really fear
Is one day you’ll end up
In a black hole of regrets
Thinking about all the
Constellations you left
And you’ll think about
The one girl who never made the trek
Because she was not an astronaut
But a girl
Who had the world
At the palm of her hands



2 comments on “I Am Not An Astronaut, Poem (59/365)

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    perfectly charming. tony

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