The Girl I Was, Poem (56/365)

Pizza party
Bug bites
Washing dishes
These are the nights
Years from now
I will remember
And romanticize
It’s not because
it was the best times
Or because it was the worst times
It’s just I’m so proud
At that girl who I was
That got me to where
I am
And I will gladly talk about her
Like a mother talking about her child’s
A on a report card
Like a football player lively painting
The miraculous touchdown
That happened with only 5 seconds left
Like an old couple
That still laughs at the first
Holiday spent together
So yes
This dish washing
Bug bites
And pizza parties
Will be the things
I will remember
When I am surrounded by fancy people
At fancy places decades from now
And I will romanticize
And say a little prayer
And thank you
For the girl I was


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