The Marrying Man, Poem (54/365)

He is the marrying man
He got divorced last year
The year before that
it was annulled
And before that
bride ran away
And he’s already engaged
Look at that ring
Look how it shines
He met her over an hour ago
And that was only online
And yet he is the marrying man
His knee is sore
From all the kneeling
As her proposes to every girl
In town
But don’t be mad that
He asked you
Even though
he asked everyone else
It is special
It’s always special
For a split second
He fell in love or lust
Or was lonely
But he thought
you were the antidote
That could cure him
Of pain, disease, isolation
He is the marrying man
But he does not marry
the problems
Or the issues
He thinks you’re perfect
Maybe together you can be
Like the couples
who are photo frame placement holders
Forever photoshopped
But as soon as the flaws come
He’s gone
He does not understand
Marriage is work
There is a reason
they stop the movies
After the boy gets the girl
Because what you don’t see
is the boy fighting to get the girl
all day
Because Marriage is work
He’s a marrying man
But he thinks
he asking a girl
To marry him
But he asking her to
Say yes
Be a placement holder
Say yes
To be a fantasy
Say yes
To pretending your one dimensional
And if you can do that
I do
He’ll do


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