My Writing Process, Poem (52/365)

My Soul is my mine

I do not share it

Secrets scare me

Telling one is unspoken no

I was told to keep it all inside

And  when you ask me

I say I’m fine

But I find the most profound Art

The most profound poems

My most profound work

is things that expose my soul

it’s the work

that makes me squirm

the ideas that I think you’ll burn me for

the words that I dare not say

the feelings that I feel

that I am sure are mine alone

And I utter I can not share my soul

for I don’t know if my heart can take it

When you leave

When you go

When you think about me

in shame

But these are the works

that are most inspiring

that are most mine

that are most unique

These are the times

I share my soul

and if I am brave enough

Magical Things Happen

On the Page

Curious to anyone reading who is a writer how would you describe what happens when you find the flow in your work? Happy Monday!!



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