Awesome Redo, Poem (50/365)

I hate starting over
Rebuilding is like sticking needles
Even the thought freaks me out
It saddens me to begin again
It feels like failure
But it is a must
I hate change
But the more I think about it
I actually love change
Isn’t change that stuff
dreams are made off
We want to change ourselves
Our surrounding
Our situation
But for that to happen we need change
Darn it
Change has quite symbiotic hold
You do this
Till you get this
And sometimes those
You scratch my back
Ill scratch your back change is hard
Talent but no hard work gets you no where
And sometimes my mind
Fights these principles of hard work
Because hard work is hard
And myself is fighting myself
Saying you are entitled to this
And this is when I have to start over
Because I’m not entitled
Because if you don’t work hard you’re gone
Because if you don’t change
you’ll never have what you want
And I hate starting over
But I hate staying stagnant more
Don’t call it starting over
Call it a redo
Because by some miracle
Every day is chance
to be your definition awesome
And I love being awesome



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